Management System Registration

Certification by QSM is a cost-saving alternative to use of Accredited Registrars. QSM performs the same audits and certifies organizations seeking registration to international quality standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, AS-9100 and ISO/TS 16949 utilizing the typical 3rd-party audit and surveillance approach.  While QSM's Cerification is not Accredited, your organization obtains the same Certificate of Registration and recognized benefits of Certification without the additional costs of Accreditation overhead, expenses, fees and royalties passed on to you by for oversite and use of Logos such as ANAB, RvA and/or IAOB.

System Development

In cooperation with our clients, QSM develops and implements complete turn-key quality management systems. This type of service often requires the authoring policy manuals, procedures, work instructions and forms. Industrial training workshops and system implementation usually includes interaction and close contact with those individuals performing the administrative and operational job functions within your organiztion.

Management Support

QSM provides support to organizations that desire to maintain, upgrade or improve operational performance. Our support has included contract quality management, internal auditing services, customer corrective action support, management review, strategic business planning, advance product quality planning and new process implementation.